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The more prepared you are, the easier it will be to survive when a major disaster such as an EMP attack or natural disaster strikes your city.  And part of being prepared to survive in your city means having an urban survival kill fully prepped and ready to go.

Surviving in an urban environment, or anywhere that’s densely populated for that matter, is not the same thing as surviving out in the wilderness or a rural area outside of town.  You’re going to have to face your own unique challenges, and that means that the equipment and gear you’re going to need in your kit may not be exactly the same as what you would need for the wild.

There are simply so many factors with urban survival that makes it significantly different from surviving in a rural environment.  For instance, you’re going to have to deal with debris and glass, littered trash everywhere, and far more people.

But on the flip side of things, there’s also less of a need to build a shelter (since there are people all around you) and it’s also far easier to scavenge for necessities.

So with all that said, what are the top items that you need to have in your urban survival kit?

Let’s find out.


The first and most important thing that any survival kit needs is a knife.  For urban survival, the best type of knife to go with will be a tactical folding knife that you can keep clipped to the inside of your pocket.

Not only is a tactical folding knife like this going to be useful for defense or utilitarian purposes, it also is far more easily concealed.

Yes, fixed blade knives have their advantages (they have a stronger blade and you can split wood with them, for example), but in the middle of a city, they’re simply going to attract you far too much attention than you need or want.

Food and Water

This is another must for any survival kit.  For an urban survival kit, you’d be best served by having energy, protein, or Granola bars for your food, which are very nutritious and yet highly portable.

For water, carry it in a metal canteen or container, which is more durable than a flimsy plastic bottle.  In addition, have a small personal water filter and purification tablets on hand as well.


After a knife and food/water, a basic fire starting device is the third most important survival item to have with you.  For the city, a lighter is the best choice because its quick and simple to use.


Next thing you’re going to need in your urban survival bag is a flashlight, and preferably a pocket-sized LED flashlight that is powered with common batteries such as AA or AAA.

Not only will you need a flashlight at night, you’re also going to need it for dark rooms and hallways when the power goes out as well. In addition to your flashlight, have a few spare batteries on hand too.

Defensive Weapon

The next item you’re going to need in your urban survival kit something that you can use for defense.  While your knife can be used for this purpose, it will be preferable to use something that can stop an attacker before they reach you as your primary weapon.

One example here would be to use a concealed handgun (preferably chambered in .380 ACP or higher), but if you’re not comfortable with that or aren’t licensed to carry one, then the next best option will be to go with pepper spray, which is non-lethal and can also stop an attacker long enough to give you the chance to escape.


As was noted above, a factor to take into consideration in urban survival is dealing with debris, smashed glass, and trash.  Rather than bring your hands into close contact with those kinds of things, you can protect yourself by wearing work gloves.


Specifically, you’re going to need a dust mask such as the particulate respirator masks.  If any buildings, bridges, or tunnels collapse in your vicinity, a dust mask will do an efficient job of protecting your lungs from any harmful airborne particles.

Can Opener

So long as you’re going to be scavenging for food in your town, chances are pretty good that you’re going to come across canned goods.  In this case, a good can opener will be your best friend.

Medical Kit

A basic first aid kit can be a lifesaver in literally any survival situation should you or someone in your group sustain an injury.

At the very least, you’re going to need a portable first aid kit that can be carried in a pouch or container that in turn can be carried in your backpack.

Examples of items your medical kit will need are at least a one week supply of prescription meds, assorted sizes of gauze pads and bandages, alcohol prep pads, a tourniquet, antibiotics, Tylenol or ibuprofen, medical tweezers, medical tape, and medical scissors.

Pry Bar

Having a pry bar in your survival kit does not make you a burglar or a looter.  On the contrary, if you’re ever in a situation where you need to pry open stuck door, smash through windows, or chop your way through a wall to make an escape, a pry bar will be an indispensable ally.


A phone most likely won’t work as a result of disasters such as EMP attacks, but otherwise, for other kinds of disasters, it will continue to work.  You can use it to call your friends and family and to find information about the outside world.


Last but not least, if you ever need to barter your way out of anything, cash will be very valuable to have.  Have a minimum of $100, divided into $20, $10, $5, and $1 bills.

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