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Portable Faraday Shields

One of the best ways that you can prepare for any kind of an EMP attack is to build a Faraday cage.

Named for the British scientist who invented it in the 1830s, Michael Faraday, a Faraday cage is simply an enclosure designed to withstand electromagnetic fields.  This means that any electronic items kept inside a properly built Faraday cage should work fine even after a devastating EMP attack has taken place that has knocked down the power grid across North America.

So long story short, if you put something such as a laptop or a phone in a properly constructed Faraday cage, they both should still work even after an EMP has gone off.

Now you may believe that something like a Faraday cage would be difficult and expensive to build, but just the opposite is true.  On the contrary, you could easily construct a Faraday cage in the next five minutes using materials that you should already have available in your home.

It’s also important for your Faraday cage to be portable, so you can bring it with you wherever you go (such as in a car).

Here is a list of portable Faraday shields that you would be able to build on your own at home:

Cardboard Box with Aluminum Foil

The first method to build a portable home Faraday cage is what is called the cardboard box method.

Basically, you just need to find a cardboard box that does not have any holes or tears in it.  Then, take your electronic item and wrap it up with either a towel or an old T-shirt.

Then, wrap up the towel or T-shirt package with at least three layers of plastic wrapping, such as Saran wrap.

Place the resulting packaging into the cardboard box, and then shut the box shut and duct tape it to ensure it remains that way.  Proceed to completely wrap the cardboard box with at least three layers of heavy-duty aluminum foil, and then you can further secure the aluminum foil with duct tape if you want to.

Ammo Can

Another method to build a portable home Faraday cage would be the ammo can method.

For this method, you’re going to need a green military surplus ammo can, like the kind you can find at Army Navy Stores or Sporting Goods stores.  The .50 caliber ammo size can is the most popular.

Make sure that the can is in good condition with a good seal.  Then, take your electronic item and simply place it into the ammo can, and then close the ammo can shut.

The electronic item should now be completely protected when an EMP goes off, but to be on the safe side, you may also want to further wrap it in aluminum foil (heavy duty) before you place it into the can.

Pasta Box

The next time you make pasta for lunch or dinner, don’t throw away the box because you can easily use it to build your own Faraday cage.

You would then proceed to follow the same basic steps as the cardboard box method: wrap your electronic item of choice in an old T-shirt and plastic wrap, place it into the pasta box, duct tape the pasta box shut, and then wrap the pasta box with at least three layers of heavy-duty aluminum foil.

Simple, right?

Wooden Box

This method is simple: you will need a high-quality wooden box without any holes or punctures in it whatsoever (meaning the entire interior of the box needs to be completely enclosed).

Then, wrap your electronic item with at least three layers of heavy duty aluminum foil and then place it into the box.

Shut the box, and the electronic item inside should now be protected from the EMP.

The only thing to watch out for is the nails cannot come into contact with the aluminum foil at all, or else your electronic item is going to become fried when the EMP goes off.

Bird Cage*

This one has an asterisk next to it because the birdcage is only going to work under certain conditions.

If there are too many large spaces in between the bars of the birdcage, and if the bottom of it is made of plastic without an outside metal layer, then it is NOT going to work.

But if there is minimal space in between the bars with a metal bottom (such as aluminum), then this method will work.

All you need to do is place your electronic item inside the birdcage, and then wrap the entire inside of the bird cage with foam and the outside with two to three layers of heavy-duty aluminum, and you’ll be good to go.

Trash Can

This may not be the most portable Faraday cage ever, but it will work in a pinch.

You will need to take a galvanized metal trash can that does not have any holes or punctures in it whatsoever.

Then, line the entire inside of the trash can with either carpet padding or cardboard.  Make sure that the bottom of the can and the lid are padded underneath as well.

Proceed to place your electronic item inside the trash can, and then place the lid over the top.  You can use duct tape to secure the lid if you want to.

Storage Cabinet

This is definitely the least portable Faraday cage method, but it’s also worth mentioning.

So long as your storage cabinet is made out of metal, it will easily work as a Faraday cage.  Plus, the storage cabinet will allow you to store larger electronic items to protect from an EMP attack, such as a desktop computer or even a small refrigerator.

Simply wrap your electronic items with aluminum foil and place them into the metal storage cabinet.  Shut the cabinet (and lock it if you can), and every electronic item inside of it should now be protected from the EMP.

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