Making Your Cell Phone or Tablet Invisible

Do untraceable or invisible cell phones or tablets really exist, you might wonder?

Today, we virtually all carry a mobile device of some kind on our person every day.  They’re either in our hands or in our pockets no matter where we go.

And that mobile device, AKA your smartphone, contains so much information about you: your location, your email, your banking information, your social media, and so on.  It contains detectors that know exactly where you are and who are you are next to.

It’s very easy to have important information stolen from you.  In fact, one out of every five Americans has reported having sensitive information about them stolen online, according to surveys.

It’s safe to say that your privacy is vulnerable in more ways than one, and when a major disaster or catastrophe occurs, it’s going to become even more vulnerable because hackers are going to take advantage of the situation (including amateur hackers, who are actually smarter than you may think).

Let’s talk about the topic of making your phones invisible and untraceable in greater detail, including your reasons for why you should do so and a couple of different methods for how you can do it.

Why Would You Want To Have An Untraceable Phone?

You might ask yourself what the true, specific reasons to have an untraceable phone are.  What advantages does it really give you?

Well, several, in fact, but only if you make it a priority to want to have an untraceable phone. In other words, you need to have a motivation (or multiple motivations) to want to make your phone untraceable.

For those who do want to make their phones and tablets untraceable, however, the reasons usually boil down to any of these:


If you need to disappear completely and go on the run from the law, then yeah, you’re definitely going to need to have an untraceable phone (or otherwise have no phones at all).

Maybe you were accused of a crime that you didn’t commit and face certain heavy jail time if you don’t go on the run.  Or maybe you face a major debt to somebody big (somebody who can ruin or even hurt you) and you need to go on the run then.

Either way, evading the law or other people is certainly one reason to have an untraceable phone.


Another reason to have an untraceable phone is for emergency situations or as a backup to your primary phone.  The idea is that you’ll have a backup phone that is one a different network from your primary phone.

For example, you can use a burner phone as a backup or emergency option to your smartphone.  We’ll talk more about burner phones later.


Finally, many people who live completely off the grid desire strongly to have an untraceable phone as well.  They may not consider themselves to be truly off the grid without an untraceable phone, or they may decide not to have a phone at all.

If you truly want to remove yourself from society completely, meaning you live out in a sparse rural area on your plot of land living a totally self-sufficient lifestyle and where you literally never go out in public or in town again, then yes, you’re definitely going to need to have an untraceable phone, and again, it may be preferable to have no phone at all.

But even if you just want to live off the grid, but still go out into town and public from time to time, you’ll want an untraceable phone to protect your sensitive information and financial data and transactions.

You leave no greater fingerprint than on the internet, and your smartphone and/or tablet is connected directly to it.  Hence, you will want it to be ‘invisible’ if you plan to live off the grid.

Next, we’ll discuss two methods that you can use to make your phone ‘invisible.’  The first of these two methods is…

Going Invisible Method #1 – Use An App For Your Smartphone or Tablet

There are a variety of apps that you can install on either your smartphone or tablet to make them go untraceable.  These apps are basically designed to be privacy solutions that make your phones truly untraceable and anonymous.  Pretty cool, right?

Once such example of an app is called Freedome.  This app, and others like it, will make the IP address of your phone, which allows you to search the internet anonymously.  Meanwhile, it also creates an encrypted connection that is fully secure, so your data isn’t readable either.  Last but not least, you can choose the location you want your phone to think it’s in, so you can make your phone think you’re in Tahiti or Finland when in reality you’re in the United States.

Going Invisible Method #2 – Use A Burner Phone

The other primary method will be to use a burner phone.  If you do decide to use a burner phone, make sure that you always pay cash for it and never a debit card or credit card.  This is the only way to ensure that the transaction is not fully traceable.

Only keep your burner phone on when you are going to use it, and otherwise keep it shut off at all times.  To be on the extra safe side, you should remove the battery from the phone when you’re not using it as well, and only charge the battery inside a vehicle at a location that is not-critical (AKA, DO NOT charge the phone at your home or hotel room).

Finally, when you make a phone call, the person on the other end needs to have a burner phone as well.  You may want to communicate via texting only and not calling because the NSA can still use voiceprint software to identify you quickly if you make a call.

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